#Namib | Applications

#Institute for Social-Ecological Research ISOE | Hydrogen production research for Namibia | Seawater desalination

#RenuRobotics | Automating operations and maintenance for the solar industry

#Heliogen | Decarbonizing industry with concentrated sunlight

#Ambri | Batteries for clean energy | Liquid Metal Battery | Self heating and regulating | Calcium and antimony as material | Rapid deployment | Scalable | Internal operating temperature 500˚ C | Desert | Arctic | Antarctic | Third Pole | Shipped cells inactive at ambient temperature | Heaters bringing cells to operating temperature | No degradation, air conditioning, replaceable nor any serviceable components | MIT | GroupSadoway Lab | Boston Metal

#Hyphen Hydrogen Energy (Pty) Ltd | Hydrogen exploration in Namibia

#ICEYE | Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) | Desert monitoring

#SaSol | Hydrogen exploration in Namibia

#Space Exploration Technologies Corp | In motion Starlink | No more stopping to connect | The Flat High Performance Starlink | Wide field of view | Enhanced GPS capabilities | Connection to more satellites | Consistent connectivity while on the go | Hardware designed for a permanent installation | Resiliency to extreme environments

#General Atomics | Air to Air Laser Communication System | Crosslinks from aircraft to other platforms such as unmanned aircraft, maritime vessels, and space systems

#SatelIoT | IoT connectivity over standard 5G NB-IoT

#Africa Green Hydrogen Alliance (AGHA) | Egypt | Kenya | Mauritania | Morocco | South Africa

#Fortesque Metals Group | Hydrogen exploration in Namibia

#SpaceX | Satellite to cellular service

#Elroy Air | Autonomous cargo aircraft systems| Vertical take off and landing (VTOL) cargo aircraft | Specially designed aerodynamic modular cargo pods | Commercial logistics | Disaster relief | Firefighting | Humanitarian operations | Replacing difficult ground transportation | Detachable pod | Dropping off cargo | Pickkung up ready to go cargo | Makint deliveries fast | Allowing ground crew to empty or load a pod at their leisure

#Enertrag AG | Hydrogen exploration in Namibia

#Tumoneni Hydrogen Energy | Namibian company developing renewable energy

#Namibian government | Green hydrogen | Synthetic fuels industry | Sustainable bonds

#German government | Green hydrogen production project in Namibia | Enertrag installing turbines and solar PV arrays | Ammonia shipmennt | Desalination plant

#Hyphen Hydrogen Energy, Namibia | Exporting green hydrogen globally | South Korea

#Approtium | Importing green hydrogen from Namibia to South Korea

#RWE | Developing portfolio of long term offtake agreements for green hydrogen and ammonia | Brunsbuttel terminal as port of destination for Namibian ammonia

#TransNamib | Two dual fuel locomotives with an hydrogen storage carriage in between

#CMB.TECH | Hydrogen locomotive | Converting locomotives to use hydrogen in internal combustion engines | Hydrogen fuel storage car to store fuel for the locomotives

#TransNamib | Railway operating hydrogen powered locomotives

#Traxtion | Training for TransNamib | Hydrogen locomotive prototype building at Traxtion Rail Hub in Rosslyn, South Africa

#University of Namib (UNAM) | Hydrogen research

#Port of Rotterdam | Logistics with Walvis Bay | Green ammoniac

#Mega Solar | Solar power

#Peiko | Wind turbin platform

#NamPower | Hydro power

#Namibian Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) | Investmenrs | Cutting red tape

#Namibia Constitution | 14% of the land protected | Namib Desert coastal strip | Namib-Naukluft National Park

#Gondwana Collection Namibia (Pty) Ltd | Blue marlin (Makaira mazara) | Terrace Bay | Torra Bay | Henties Bay | Swakopmund | Walvis Bay

#Namibia2Go | car rental | 4wd recommended

#Desert Lion Energy | Lithium mining

#G7 | Building network of undersea communication cables to serve developing and emerging countries